Neti Pot Solution

Neti Pot Solution

Neti Pot Solution: 5 Easy and Effective Tips

Respiration is our main instinct. You have to breathe to live. However, while you can breathe with your mouth in case your nose is stuffed, you can smell nothing. To breathe freely and smell all scents and flavors around you, we suggest you to try using a Neti pot.

Our article is aimed to give you five easy tips about creating a Neti pot solution with your own hands. The ancient Yoga method of clearing nasal cavities is called Neti. It is based upon the flow of special solution from the pot. Solution flows in through one nostril, cleans out all nasal cavities from mucus and dirt and flows out of the second nostril.

The solution consists from a mix of usual baking soda and salt, dissolved in sterile water. Please remember that you should only use boiled, sterile or distilled water to avoid danger of bringing in the infection. Ready for usage tablets are sold in any pharmacy, but their concentration may be inappropriate for some people, as it may be too potent, cause burning and pain in the nose. We offer you 5 useful hints to make this solution at home without any efforts or issues.

1. Dissolve about a 0,5 of teaspoon of sea salt and about a 0,5 of teaspoon of soda in approximately 250 grams of warm water (it should be near body temperature).

2. If you feel uncomfortable while using this solution, feel free to alter the recipe by lowering the concentration of soda. Use just a 0,25 of a teaspoon, as this quantity corresponds to the normal pH balance of your body.

3. Goldenseal tincture helps to stop excessive nasal mucus production. By adding 2 or 3 small drops of it, you will greatly decrease the risk of having your nose stuffed.

4. In case your nose is always too dry, add a pair of drops of aloe extract or sesame oil instead.

Try it and you will like it!

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